Needles in a Haystack

Needles in a Haystack… Liberal minds in North Atlanta

Needles in Haystack is a group where liberals, progressives, free thinkers and others interested in what’s happening at the national, state and local levels can come together politically and socially. Why Needles in a Haystack? Because in Georgia that’s how many of us feel – isolated, alone and ignored. 

Needles” are everywhere. With almost 1,800 members in our Meetup group and triple that on Facebook we’ve become an important and vibrant destination for concerned citizens and politicians who believe that everyone’s voice should be heard. Georgia is turning blue Join us!

Needles in a Haystack….Liberal minds in North Atlanta

Roswell, GA
1,755 Needles

Calling all open minds! Being a democrat, independent, or social liberal and living in the North Atlanta suburbs, can bring on feelings of isolation at times! Regardless what …

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Team Trivia at Hola in Roswell

Sunday, Jun 21, 2020, 6:00 PM
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